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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Was my Comment on that Crappy Article about Etsy

This article is rather interesting. I am a buyer on Etsy and through reading your highly unresearched article I realised how uneducated and narrow minded some of you actually are. If you actually did your research you would have noticed that Etsy is not just about hand made goods but it's about supplies. In just the past few weeks I personally have spent a couple hundred dollars on buying fabric and craft supplies that are not available at the magnificent and sucker fueled WalMart, let alone the other craft stores out there. They have name brands that yes they are available at the convenience of your finger tips but they are not always available in the ideal increments, cuts or price. Some of these craft items are also retired, rare or just plain hard to find. Walmart along with other stores have cut down on their crafting supplies. The Walmarts in Wisconsin have removed all their fabric and sewing notions from their stores, making it harder for us stay at home moms to find what we are looking for. Not to mention Walmart had one of the saddest fabric selections to begin with. Maybe they are the misguided ones. Shame on some of you for basking in someone Else's failure. I'm sure that along with me others would agree that Etsy is a genius idea, they make it possible for us stay at home mom's who don't sit on are asses and expect to make money. In fact we bust are asses taking care of our children and our homes and still we are making our craft/art items in hopes we'll make a few bucks. In fact we are so busy and exhausted that at the end of our crazy day we can't even fathom peeling of our baby spit-up encrusted clothing to make ourselves presentable to the outside world so we turn to ETSY to buy the supplies we need.
One more thing I would rather a handmade item over a crappy cheap factory made walmart gift anytime. At least I know that it's original quality and this gift was made with love and hope and I would appreciate a gift more if I can look at it and be inspired and I can imagine the story behind it.
As for your prediction well I think you can find a place to stick it. Or perhaps you can post it on etsy I'm sure it will sell as a wonderful dartboard item. Or some of us will turn it into pulp and recycle it into something more useful.

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